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6th Floor, Thanh Do Building, 14-16 Binh Loi St, 13 Ward, Binh Thanh Dist, HCM City
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 No.234, DT 744 St, Dong Soi Hamlet, An Tay Commune, Ben Cat Dist, Binh Duong Province
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Historical Development

Trụ sở chính nhà máy

In 1987, a joint venture between Ever Rich Development Co., Hong Kong and Dong Thap Muoi General Services Company along with Safanutro Research Team, stared the production of organic chemical fertilizer  in Vietnam.

In 1990, the process of  fertilizer production was transferred to Geprosecom II Company via BFC enterprise. The founders of the BFC saw the necessity of a special type of fertilizer in preservation of agricultural land and natural resources.  products were developed, tested and had been continuously improved to meet the changing and increasing demand from famers.  is a balanced combination between organic and inorganic fertilizer bringing high productivity, agricultural- product-safety, environment sustainability for farmers.

To prepare for an open market full of competitions and changes, leaders BFC Enterprise with the acceptance of Geprosecom II Company, opened the door to investors with the goal of seeking new technologies and gaining additional financial power. August 2nd 1994 Thien Sinh Company was established; head office and main factory were located in 426B No Trang Long St, Binh Thanh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City.

Following the policy of the City People’s Committee of Hoc Chi Minh City on the relocation of production facilities in the city to the suburbs and surrounding provinces to ensure the residential environment, in 2003 the company has started construction of offices and factories in An Tay commune, Ben Cat Dist, Binh Duong province in the planning area over 10 ha and with the convenient transportation both by land and by river. The constructions include office buildings, factories and automated assembly lines, finish product warehouses, raw material warehouses, housing and restaurant for employee, child care, experimental gardens, green parks, recreational areas, sporting areas, tennis courts and docks.

THIEN SINH continuously applied microbiotechnology in manufacturing  , using useful groups of microorganisms for processes such as nitrogen fixation, phosphorus resolution and cellulose break-down, optical – positive  microorganisms, Trichoderma, Mycohiza, etc… . By 2013, there are 50  products listed in the Index Book of The Agriculture and Rural Development Department (including  Rb product and micro organic phosphorus  which the Vietnam Rubber Industrial Group taken into their technical process in from 2004. 

OUR MISSION: THIEN SINH always creates high quality fertilizers, be friendly to the environmental, and be responsible to the community.

OUR VISION: Within 50 years, THIEN SINH will be a multinational corporation, running multiple businesses, and leaving strong impression to the people every time everywhere.

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Representative Office

6th Floor, Thanh Do Building, 14-16 Binh Loi St, 13 Ward,
Binh Thanh Dist, HCM City

Tel: (+84) 28 3553 3133  - Fax: (+84) 28 3553 3136

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Factory center

No.234, DT 744 St, Dong Soi Hamlet, An Tay Commune, Ben Cat Dist, Binh Duong Province

Tel: (+84) 274 3578 313 - Fax:  (+84) 274 3578 445

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